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Commercial & residential properties: Defining the differences & latest trends

by Maggie Reed 02/14/2024

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As residential real estate and commercial buildings grow in number in line with the economy, there’s much to be learned about what they exactly are and the growing trends surrounding them. 

What is the difference between residential & commercial location?

Put simply, a residential location is a place meant to be lived in, whereas a commercial property is made for business purposes. 

Residential buildings can be used for private occupancy on both a temporary and permanent basis. For example, residential properties often include homes, townhouses, room rentals and more. 

Commercial real estate is a location where you’ll find business operations - this may include clothing stores, hospitals, automotive shops and more. 

What are the trends in commercial architecture?

Currently, the latest commercial properties are built with a focus centered around clean and uniform designs. This is being done to give more focus to providing more spacious areas for optimal storage and flexibility. 

Eco style architecture has also been on the rise as there’s a growing concern for environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. Commercial buildings in this style frequently feature optimal use of natural light and heating methods.  

What are 3 characteristics of modern architecture?

As society started moving away from the traditional Victorian and Gothic Revival styles seen in previous years, there are a few key characteristics regularly seen in both commercial and residential properties. These building characteristics include: 

  • Clean and sleek lines. 
  • Open floor plans for optimal space. 
  • Use of glass to make the most of natural lighting. 

Commercial and residential construction has changed a bunch over the years. However, as time goes on, builders are finding many ways to increase the comfortability, practicality and efficiency of the places we work and call home.

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